Sunday, November 12, 2017


With all five issues of original art from my allegorical comic series, META 4, now up and available in the Red Star Store, it's time I step back into producing the absurdal abyss that is Funky Porcini #3.

The release date for the third issue is set for late January/early February. There'll also be a limited-edition two-color riso-printed poster, that will coincide with the release of said absurdist manual.

The Store stock will remain as is, with no additional art added, for the rest of the year.

Otherwise . . . I'll resurface from time to time on here, for updates, and maybe a guttural growl, or two.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Everything Old Is New Again

I'm presently in the midst of working on pieces that are of a more personal explorational purpose, while simultaneously starting the third installment of Funky Porcini.

That said, I'm letting the Store ride as-is with its current stock of original art, that is from what I refer to as "fringe projects." Projects that were done in collaboration with another writer, and/or works done using preexisting "company" characters. 
All of which are priced at such criminally low rates, I cannot reduce them any lower, or put them on sale.

Then, at some point, I'm going to start adding pages from my own creations, at ridiculously fair prices, as well.

Starting with META 4, I'm going to make available all the pages I still have, one issue at a time.

For example, all of what I have left of META 4 #1, including (if) any extras and whatnot, will be put up in the Store. 

Then, when I am able to do so, will add META 4 #2, and again, anything else that is directly linked to that specific issue.

Once I've run through all five issues of META 4, I'll move onto my series MONDO, and continue the same process of releasing all the original pages, one issue at a time.

Books will be added in the order they were produced.

So, after MONDO will be Miniature Jesus, and then The Superannuated Man.

This is a long-term plan, and impossible to have every issue's art come out with a specific date, or within the exact same amount of time between each title.

I'm going to put each issue up when I can.

It's a big procedure, and will take time.

But, it will happen.

Now, I just need to remember where I put that second head, and two other arms, of mine.