Saturday, May 13, 2017

And So It Begins

Premiering at this week's Motor City Comic Con, and then the following week's Phoenix Comicon, is my twenty page Risograph-printed black-and-white mini-comic thing . . .

Funky Porcini.

An absurdist manual that contains absolutely no linear plot.
Incorporates minimal sequentiality.
And possesses a total disregard for any kind of structural normality.

With a limited print run of only one hundred copies, Funky Porcini will have two optional prices. 
One will be for a signed copy of the mini itself. 
The second price will be for a signed copy of the mini, with an original sketch done on the inside back cover.

Both "versions" will be available at the Cons, as well as in the Store afterwards.



  1. This looks great. Can't wait to get a copy. Really glad you're still doing comics Ted.

    1. Thanks, Kelly.
      Much appreciations for the support.

  2. Too cool. looking forward to snatching my sketched-in version once you're back.

    I wish you safe trip(s), good con(s), stellar sales and no stress.

    Funky indeed,