Monday, June 12, 2017

Atypical Loitering

The sketch-version of Funky Porcini is now sold out.
There are a handful of the signed edition still available in the Red Star Store.

I've begun production on the second issue of the ongoing randomly-produced absurdist manual, and it's release date will be determined (and announced) once I've grasped a better handle on the chaos rattling around in my head.

There will be no second-printing of Funky Porcini.
Once they're gone, they are gone.



  1. Hi Ted, Just received my copy and I love it,great stuff! The drawing you did of the monkey is freaking awesome!! Thank you so much. Looking forward to Funky Porcini # 2

    1. Glad to know it reached you, Kelly.
      I'm really jazzed that you're happy with the book, and the sketch.
      Much appreciations for the kind words, and support.

  2. Sir,
    Mr Skeleton has been seen wandering around Zurich, searching for some "damn rest".
    Rest assured it is also safe to read Funky Porcini after a long, hot day of work stripping down to boxers, fan blowing and a iced coffee while laying on the sofa. If the door buzzed it would be ignored.
    Love the 'sketch', love the whole (odd) dreaminess of it all. Looking forward to the next installment, of course.
    Thank you. Safe travels to your next Con(s).

    1. Yeah, no rest for them old bones.
      Nice one, j.
      Jazzed that you're allowing it's abstractness into your head with such lucid acquiescence.
      Started digging the foundation for the next issue.
      What exactly I'm going to build, is still under construction.
      Time reveals all.
      Thanks, and be well, man.