Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cleaning House

I'm in the final throes of completing the second issue of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini, which will then go off to press, and be ready for its Labor Day release date.
In the meantime, I'm revamping the Store to make room for an eventual new batch of art that will reflect a conscious departure from my past, while still retaining all of the craziness that was prevalent over this last year.

Variables on similar themes, while utilizing untapped mental resources, if you will.

Basically . . . an old dog doing new tricks.

That said, I'm cleaning house of all previous 5x5's, woodworks, books and pin, by reducing everything in the Red Star Store by 50%, until September 4th.

So, here's the opportunity to get some really wacked stuff, at some seriously low prices.

Anyway, back to Absurdistan.



  1. Dammit! I missed the Eddy Current book ... Please tell me you have just 1 more kicking around...


  2. Can't wait to get the next Funky Porcini.

    1. Cool.
      If all goes right with the printing/shipping, it'll be available as planned.
      Much appreciate the support, man.

  3. Hi, Ted.

    I'm very glad to have discovered your site and that you have this store. I've long admired your stories & art, and it occurred to me that I should bookmark some favorite author/artist sites to keep up-to-date. I'm thrilled to discover that you sell different pieces, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get some of your art on my wall.

    I especially like your "this is the City" imagery... for instance, that first pic on your woodwork page. In my opinion, too many story artists fail to maximize the effect of that imagery on the story. But I'd also happily scoop up a 5x5 of something from Metropol. I'm sure you are more focused on creating new art from current projects than imagery from the past, but many of your older works stay with me and I enjoy revisiting them, and so they're never past projects for me.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and thanks for all your work, and I look forward to supporting you with words of appreciation and as well as happily spend some cash in your store as I find things that float my boat.



    P.S. It was a nice surprise to see the Zorn quote on your site, though in retrospect and in the context of your art, I really shouldn't have been surprised at all. I'm a big fan of the Tzadik label.

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